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Having 100 followers is the very first step on any platform, especially on Medium.

I started my journey on Medium in 2019. I wrote four times that year. Just three times next year. And I had lots of ideas to share with the community, especially Italian community. But there was something wrong. In 2021, I’ve written six articles and three of them are in english. And that is the way I want to continue on this platform.

I want to improve my Medium profile, and my writing too. And I think this will be a great plan to reach this purpose.

I want to create a great web of writers and readers that support eachothers, with claps, responses, support, advices and so on.

I’ve see in this short time how this community can be supportive and full of love for your work, just don’t be shy. Leave claps and comments and other people will do the same thing to you. Don’t you think this is the powerful method to create a strong community?

So, I think we can do great thing together. I’ll read your articles, short stories and so on. I’ll comment you, so I hope you’ll do the same thing. Why don’t you start clapping or commenting this post?



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The Curious Fede

The Curious Fede

Book and music lover. Naturalist by passion. I try to be a minimalist and zero-waste person. I’m also a proofreader and a copywriter.