I want to restart, again…

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Writing is an exercise: the most you’ll practice it, the most you’ll be confident

It’s been a long time since my last post here on Medium.
I wanted to publish an article per day, create a strong web of contacts, being part of something great.

None of that happened. Or I thought so.

This is the first time I have re-open my Medium account after months. And I was speechless to see that little number: 160 followers. It was amazing to see it.

And this made me think: if I reached 160 followers without using my Medium account, what can I do using it every day? I mean, I didn’t stop writing (I write every day, it is an exercise and it makes me feel good: it’s like therapy!) so I can continue to write here on Medium and earn too!

I have to be honest with you: my income is paltry — just a few cents!
But I know that I can improve my writing and my income too.

I want to tell you just one more thing: do the same! Start writing here on Medium, creating your account. I will be glad to read your stories and support your work.



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The Curious Fede

The Curious Fede

Book and music lover. Naturalist by passion. I try to be a minimalist and zero-waste person. I’m also a proofreader and a copywriter.