What To Do After Reaching 100 Followers

The Curious Fede
2 min readMay 2, 2022


It’s a jungle, darling!

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As I told you, I’ve reached 100 followers in the past few months.
After opening Medium again, I was so surprised by seeing that number.

That surprise led me to wonder just one question: how it could be possible to reach 100 followers without posting for a long time?

Maybe it’s about not how to post, but what to post.

My earnings are not big as you can think: just 50 cents, or so. But I have gained that sum step by step during that time.
And this is the most important thing to do here on Medium, or everywhere you want to write something.

  • Your inspiration is fundamental. Read, write, repeat. This must be your mantra to improve your writing, but you have to post just what is important to you and your audience.
  • Your old stories are gold. You can rewrite them, using a new point of view. An old article can show you how you and your thoughts are changed. Show this to your audience.
  • Don’t forget who is your audience and why they read your article. Focus your writing on what you know better, or wondering about what you don’t know enough. Your audience will appreciate this.

Do you love posting every day, or do you prefer infrequent writing?

I’ll be glad to read your comments below!



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