When You Feel Fear Of Being Late In Life

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2 min readMay 4, 2022


You Have To Stop To Compare Your Life To Others Life

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During the last few days, I binged “Dollface” a tv series on Disney+.
It’s about a young woman who has been dumped by her last-five-years-boyfriend and she has to rebuild her life and relationship with her female friends that she left behind.

It has been a nice tv show that made me think about an important thing.

Jules and her friend Madison are turning 30 and they wonder what they will do with their life, after bad relationships and non-satisfying jobs or layoff.

They look at others’ life, job, and success: they feel fear of being late.

Sometimes I feel like Jules and Madison when people start comparing my life to others.

“This is not the right way to do something”
“This is not the right moment to start something”
And so on…

If you have read my previous posts you’ll probably know that I’m Italian, so perceive of the world here can be a little bit different. But I bet even you have heard these questions in your life!

Is it so important to compare your own life to others?
Why do we concentrate our thoughts on our lacks?

This distorted vision brings us to think we will never achieve a specific goal.

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We can’t focus on what we have done, on our journey. And we can’t forget what we have done before. Our personal stories, our mistakes, and our past goals have built what we are now.

Comparing yourself or your life to others is not a healthy habit, it can be difficult to change your mind about this thing, but to live a happier life is important to understand that we have the inner strength to face the world and achieve our goals.



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